Who We Are

The Undisputed Market Leader

Malibu Boats, Inc. is an enterprise the marine world has never seen before – one that has grown and scaled without losing the soul of what has made us successful. Our mission hasn’t changed since a group of water-skiers borrowed a little cash to make a better slalom boat in 1982. We passionately strive to provide the best-in-class boating experiences for our expanding family of recreational boaters, fishermen and water-sports enthusiasts.

Those who entrust their boating lifestyle to MBI can count on our commitment to continued innovation, unrivaled craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of enduring customer satisfaction. Our position as market leader is, at its foundation, the culmination of every one of our boat owner’s dream-days on the water.

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How We Do It

A Proven Playbook

At Malibu Boats, Inc., we lead in every major metric from margins to sales volume to market share to boat model releases.

Our focus on innovative products, operational excellence and strategic acquisitions has been key to our sustained profitable growth. We don’t take being the frontrunner for granted - instead, we invest in our brands and continually seek out further growth opportunities. By planning well, staying nimble and keeping cash reserves on hand, we've been able to take advantage of the right strategic investments. We've expanded our brand portfolio, our production facilities and our vertical integration capabilities to provide control over our supply chain so we can better weather storms and put quality first.

MBI’s success is rooted in a blend of profitable growth plans, responsible business practices and a work environment where people can uniquely contribute to company growth and realize personal rewards. We want our best days to always be in front of us.

Highly Innovative

Industry Firsts

Innovations at Malibu Boats, Inc. are inspired by our talented people and discerning boat owners who are bound together in passion for perfect days on the water. MBI has pioneered numerous industry firsts that have revolutionized aspects of the boating lifestyle. And we’ll keep them coming.

Malibu Monsoon Engines™

Superior performance, reliability and fuel economy with lower noise levels.

Power Wedge™

Wake customization across the variety of watersports.

Surf Gate™

Transform the wake into a customized wave for surfing.

Surf Band™

Control your surf wave from your wrist.


Get in and out of the water with added ease.

Splash & Stow™

Retractable inflatable platform for fun at the push of a button.


Ergonomic equipment storage with a push button lower-and-raise feature.


Auto water-level sensing; stowable chocks; out-of-water hydraulic tank.

Slide System Space Saver

Create more space with seat re-configurations at the touch of a button.

Bait Livewells

Industry-leading design whereby healthier bait leads to more bites.

Operationally Excellent

More Vertical Integration

At Malibu Boats, Inc., our operational excellence provides unmatched value to our dealers and customers. When combined with our vertical integration capabilities, it allows us to overcome operating issues quickly as well as drive margin expansion over the long-term.

Our vertical integration strategy creates significant competitive advantage in allowing us to control a greater portion of our supply chain, quality and costs. We began these efforts in 2009 when we became the only manufacturer producing our own towers. Nearly every year since then, we have brought more of our parts production in-house, including engines, trailers, flooring and harnesses. Our recent acquisition of Malibu Electronics exemplifies our deep commitment to this approach.

Currently, over 25% of our production involves vertically-integrated elements and that number will grow. With additional projects always in the works, we’ll generate new operational and financial gains across brands well into the future.

Malibu Monsoon Engines TM

Malibu Trailers

Malibu Electronics Wire Harnesses

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